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Welcome toCPGA System

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Welcome toCPGA System


CPGA System

CPGA system is a software development company headquartered in Eastern Europe. Since 2014 we help our clients make value out of cutting edge engineering solutions we serve. Merging our agile team's expertise in data, design, technology, and strategy, we elevate the digital presence and deliver market-ready products to businesses from all continents.

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Our Facts

CPGA System graduates

CPGA System is a heavy intense “training camp” for local community of talented young developers to learn, grow and share knowledge on their way to professional excellence. Established in 2015, CPGA System has graduated 80+ highly-skilled specialists, forming a powerful workforce pool for a local market. The most promising ones, naturally, were employed by Magnise to serve the needs of our clients.


We Provide

We focus on achieving long-term partnerships with our clients, which allows our world-class team to accumulate knowledge of the client's business and provide exclusive solutions based on their unique needs through our technological expertise, business thinking, and agile approach.

R&D and Innovation

Your ideas will be tested from both technological and business perspectives with full-cycle R&D and Innovation services. Deep trend data analysis, technology research, feasibility assessment and prototyping will minimize possible risks and ensure expected market performance.

Outsorce & Outstaff

Get a world-class agile product team, on demand.Team that will build, ship and scale your vision in the most efficient way, while you focused on core business needs.

IT Consulting

As a trusted partner and leader in the technology field, we can guide your digital initiatives with your company’s strategic roadmap in mind, so you make the right decisions and your business runs at its highest impact and lowest risks to compete for success. We can guide your digital initiatives with your company’s strategic roadmap in mind.

Custom Software Development

In custom development the only constant is change. That’s why our team is always assessing new technologies to be able not only build software from scratch but enhance existing products combined with an Agile process that allows our developers to rapidly build and continuously test — ensures our partners are getting the best ideas and most effective features delivered to market quickly.

Take Your Brilliant STARTUP Idea off the Ground!

We love startups and their founders for the passion to change the world. Our Startup IT services aimed at helping early-stage companies accomplish their goals from a raw idea to a successful business. Relying on us you can achieve this through product ideation, prototyping, software development, testing, and maintenance without scratching the budgets to thin.